Financials are available at any time for all unit owners upon request to Patterson Property Management.  This Board will be transparent in all financial matters.  It is up to the unit owners to sift through the financials before making requests. Far too often demands are made when it is evident in the ledgers where money is spent.  Board members do not get paid for their time and effort.  Please be cognizant of verbiage used regarding these matters prior to fully examining all of the debits and credits in the financials.  The accountant at Patterson Property Management completes the monthly financials in a timely fashion.  Due to the calendar cycle, the financials are posted after the 15th of the following month.

The Board has been elected by the unit owners and is confident of the decisions made in the distributions of funds for the up keep and maintenance of the property.  Projects are prioritized and implemented when funds are available.  We welcome your interest in reviewing how your money is being generated and spent.  We continue to strive to make Eldorado Plaza West a complex in which we all are proud to be an owner/resident.